Featuring the sculpture and designs by Dr. Bill Baker

Welcome to Horseshoe Art Works. All art is created from horseshoes and items related to shoeing horses. As you view the pieces in this site remember all creations are handmade one of a kind productions which are signed by the artist. No two pieces are alike. Special order one of a kind pieces can also be commissioned. Please feel free to view the pieces on the following pages and use the contacts page to place your order or inquire about special requests.

Horse Head

Special requests such as this horse head can be commissioned just contact us for a quote.

 Artist Dr. Bill Baker  
About the Artist

Dr. Bill Baker is an equine veterinarian and a farrier whose specialty is podiatry and reproduction. He is a partner in Equine Associates L.L.C. , and list his sources of inspiration as his wife, Jenn, his children, Taylor and Jordan, and his patients.